Interactive Map Of Europe’s Recessionary Tide

Courtesy of Zerohedge and Reuters:

As noted earlier, and in the aftermath of both the UK and Spain officially double dipping, very soon a majority of Europe will be submerged under the latest recessionary tide which has already engulfed Spain, UK, Greece, Italy,  Portugal, Ireland, Belgium, Denmark,  Holland, Czech Republic, and  Slovenia. The primary wildcard remains Germany, although there is a more than 50% chance that following some very weak PMI data, the country will follow up its already negative Q4 GDP print with another decline, officially pushing the European growth dynamo into recession as well (as for France which reps and warrants that everything is great, it is not as if anyone actually believes those numbers, especially after Hollande becomes president in one week). For everyone who wants to track the European double dip tsunami in real time, the following interactive chart from Reuters is just for you.

Click on the map to view the interactive version. Recession (red) is defined by two consecutive quarters of negative GDP change. Most of the blue already has one quarter in the red at this time.

David DeGerolamo

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9 years ago

As far as I know(and the Reuters reporters don”t)Romania and Bulgaria are also members of the EU!What about them?This is not a map of euro-zone,it is supposed to be a map of European Union.Since they(the pseudo reporters) are not able to post an accurate map of the EU why anyone would trust their so called analysis????besides….I wasn”t aware that one quarter of negative growth means …recession…but again…I am not a British analyst employed by Reuters!!!!!