Dio’s Workshop:

Thats about the feeling I have right now, middle of the movie, time for the attendees to grab a bathroom spot and get another batch of popcorn and drinks for the second half to start.

Big Country puts a spin on things with recent developments. Dont give a damn if his language offends either, we are so frickin past the age of civility that one of my teen anthems is pointless these days.

I still carry the “character before color” teaching that MLK hoped would carry the days forward. We went to that but the momentum carried us through to the other side where,,,

Wanna know what priviledges I have for being a white male?




I bust my ass to get by, learned everything I have in my head by using copious amounts of skull sweat and enough bloodied knuckles that the new skin would cover my burned ass if needed. When I didn’t know, I asked, read a book or paid for instruction. When questions arise, I don’t ‘assume’ I have the answer, I look for them. When shit goes sideways, I look for solutions and not swing my arms around pointing at those around me assigning blame.

That, if its white priviledge, is what I have. Whats in my head, and the willingness to back it up with muscle as needed.

Example: sent to a job to repair a rolling gate. Me in one truck with welding rig, three others in separate truck to assist gerting gate down onto ground. They leave after to attend to a different job leaving little ol me to ‘git-r-dun’ (bossmans words verbatim).

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