Iran Heralds Arab Spring as the Emergence of an Islamic Middle East

 President Obama has celebrated the birth of “Democracy” in the Middle East as a result of the Arab Spring. As we now know, the Muslim Brotherhood has a different view of Democracy in Egypt and Libya is now reconstituted as an Islamic state.

The excerpt below gives a viewpoint from Iran on the future of the Middle East. As the question of a Palestinian state controlled by radical Islamists is being debated in the United Nations, Israel’s future may be determined by the actions of the United States. Will the Obama administration stand up and veto Palestinian statehood? The consequences of Palestinian statehood and a Democratic (Islamist) Middle East will be felt around the world in the upcoming months.

David DeGerolamo

Iran FM says Arab Spring heralds emergence of Muslim Middle East

Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Salehi on Sunday told a conference in Tehran that the Arab Spring is heralding the emergence of an Islamic Middle East, PressTV reported.

Speaking at a conference on “Islamic Awakening,” the Iranian foreign minister attributed the developments in the Arab world to “the unhealthy and oppressive relations between certain governments and their nations” in recent decades.


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10 years ago

From his behavior towards foreign heads of state in the middle east, and numerous statements he has made …

I believe it is both reasonable and prudent to assume that Brother Obama’s definition of democracy, and his vision for the US, coincides precisely with those of the Muslim Brotherhood.