Iran Unveils New Anti-Ship Cruise Missile

Iranian naval exercises / AP

Iran announced that it has armed its warships with a new generation of cruise missiles and warned the West that its response to “any threat” will be “more deadly and heavier,” according to regional media reports.

A top Iranian naval commander revealed on Monday that Iran has armed its coastal defenses and warships with a new, domestically produced cruise missile primarily used to destroy enemy ships.

These new “Ghadir cruise missiles” have been loaded onto “both destroyers and missile-launching warships of the Navy, and they are also used as coast-to-sea missiles,” Iranian Navy Commander Rear Adm. Habibollah Sayyari was quoted as telling the state-run Press TV.

The new weapons were unveiled just a day before a top Iranian Army Commander “downplayed the U.S. and its allies,” warning them that “in case of any threat, our response will be more deadly and heavier,” according to Iran’s Fars News Agency.



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