Irrelevant Details, by Robert Gore

You’ll be on your own during the Age of Chaos.

Once upon a time there was a village right next to a volcano. The villagers spent much of their time watching the volcano, which perpetually sputtered, smoked, and fumed. When they first awakened, they’d look up to it. At night they’d watch its lava glow against the dark sky. A special class of villagers instructed them on how to interpret the volcano and how they must live their lives to propitiate it.

Much of what the village produced was gathered by the special class, an offering tax that was supposedly left in a secret spot at the foot of the volcano (somehow the special class always lived better than everyone else). Unusually intense rumblings of the volcano terrified the villagers. The special class would tell them what village security demanded—usually higher offering taxes and more power for the special class—to prevent an eruption. One day there was an earthquake. A fissure opened and swallowed the entire village and its special class. The volcano never erupted.

Turn on the news and chances are the story concerns the special class. History books are mostly chronicles of the special class—their wars, machinations, depredations, follies, all-too-rare wisdom, monuments to themselves, and the invasions and revolutions that occasionally upend them. It goes far beyond propaganda or brainwashing, it is simply an ingrained fixation, accepted by virtually everyone, that attention must always be on the special class and its volcano—government.


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4 years ago

The fissure has opened, and the special class of old realizes that they are not above the plans of God. Those who barter with the lives of men and women now find that they themselves have fallen prey to their own schemes. All their secrets are being exposed. They who have played with bioweapons are now falling victim to their own conspiracy. The end of times seem real. It is like the birth pangs, they come with more strength and lessening interval.

The nations are being sifted. Everyone cries for peace, but there is no peace. One will arise who will promise peace for a time, but he will deceive many. Only those who learn to love the truth will be saved from the great deception.

Only Jesus….

4 years ago
Reply to  JeffM

Amen. It is written. As per the title, however, if you don’t have Jesus, you really are alone.

The Bible is a documentary playing everywhere.

a follower
a follower
4 years ago

“Uncontrolled” chaos induces panic, nowhere more so than among the controllers.

This would be a discussion in itself.