Is America’s Militia Movement on the Rise?

I resent The  Nation’s labeling me as a Tea Party Leader. Gun toting, God Fearing Confederate suits me much better.

David DeGerolamo

Up an unpaved Idaho road, self-styled “patriots” gather to plan and train in close-quarters battle

You may have seen it on The Colbert Report. A proposed walled city of “patriots,” known as The Citadel, received the particular dose of sarcastic humor the show reserves for militiamen and gun nuts. Colbert’s reading of the requirement that all patriot residents must own one AR-15 and 1,000 rounds of ammunition, and periodically prove their weapons’ proficiency, drew the most laughs from the audience. Six months later, this past June, when several of the Citadel’s principals appeared on Glenn Beck’s television show, the tone was just the opposite. A measured, serious discussion occurred, and the pros and cons debated of patriots’ settling in mountainous Benewah County, Idaho, and building a city where Thomas Jefferson’s “rightful liberty” would rule, and employment be provided in a weapons-manufacturing facility.

Kerodin’s Threeper blog shared the Tea Parties’ veneration of the Constitution and the Founding Fathers, and excoriation of un-American liberals. In return, Tea Party leaders such as North Carolina’s David DeGerolamo used the Tea Party Nation’s blog to promote Kerodin and Threeper ideas about the Constitution and the Three percent among his larger constituencies.


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8 years ago

Concluding statement from the article: “…a dangerous movement of zealots…”

So that’s the new label for people who wish to escape the collectivist welfare state of theft and redistribution … who seek voluntary association with folks who share the political and moral values of individualism, liberty and capitalism … who dare produce tools of self defense.

Perhaps our proper label should be “Liberty Zealot” …

That would help to distinguish us from the “Marxist Consumers” that surround us.

8 years ago
Reply to  DRenegade

yassuh !