Is the IRS Patriotgate Scandal Merely a Diversion?

Michele Bachmann has an interesting premise: the IRS Patriotgate scandal is just a ploy to divert attention away from Benghazi. Really? The murder of four Americans while Washington watched in real time over an eight hour period can replaced in the media and our minds by another story? If she is correct and the media is complicit in this “diversion”, there does not seem to be much left to the great experiment.

Has this worked in the past for this administration? U betcha.

David DeGerolamo



The Internal Revenue Service under the Obama administration – described by Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., as the “most feared government agency” – admitted Friday it targeted conservative and tea-party groups during last year’s election because of their politics.

Bachmann, a former tax attorney, told WND in an interview the IRS admission means the credibility of the 2012 election is in doubt.

mericans, she said, should be wondering whether Obamacare, which is to be enforced by the IRS, will target conservative voices opposed to President Obama with delays or denials of medical care.

But why would an administration ever confess to such a flagrant misuse of politics and power?

Bachmann, who chairs the House Tea Party caucus, said it’s the Benghazi scandal.

“There’s no doubt this was not a coincidence that they dumped this story today, a Friday dump day,” Bachmann told WND. “This is when they put their negative stories out.”


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