Is This Confederate Flag Racist?

Image by Donald Healy

Second Cherokee Mounted Rifles 1862

This flag was first presented to Chief John Ross by Commissioner Albert Pike in 1861, and in 1862 became the first national flag ever carried by Cherokee troops in combat under the command of Colonel Stand Watie, a Cherokee Indian himself. It also began a military career that eventual allowed Watie to became one of only two native Americans on either side to ever become a general. His light calvary command participated in 27 major engagements and numerous smaller skirmishes. Most of their activities utilized guerrilla warfare tactics and Watie’s men launched raids throughout the northern-held Indian Territory, Kansas and Missouri. He is credited with tying down thousands of Union troops. Watie was promoted to brigadier general in 1864. On June 23, 1865, he became the last Confederate general to surrender at the end of the war.

This flag still exists and is part of a collection of Confederate flags located at the Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield Visitor’s Center located near Springfield, Missouri.



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6 years ago

no because the racists in the media and the black hordes know it comes form the Indian culture who supported the confederacy during the war and that’s why they keep there mouths shut, they wont step on an Indian tribe.