Is Voting the Solution?

John Ainsworth debunks the common misconception that voting is the answer to restoring freedom and rights in America.

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6 years ago

John is accurate in his diagnosis that the root causes of modern government dysfunction and evil are attributable to “Reconstruction” in general and the Fourteenth Amendment in particular.

What John neglects to mention in his presentation(s) is that re-establishment of the ante-bellum Republic of North Carolina will not create an environment in which Rightful Liberty can flourish.

The ante-bellum statutes and ordinances of the Republic of North Carolina are largely “mala prohibita”; i.e. positive legislation, layered over the pre-existing common-law, that prescribed or proscribed certain behaviors of the citizenry.

Granted the ante-bellum legislation was less restrictive and damaging to liberty than that which followed Reconstruction …

But why should men tolerate any encroachments or infringements on Rightful Liberty?


6 years ago

only a civil war will fix the problems we have now, nothing else will do it. we have a republican led NC legislature for the last 5 years and these imbeciles are acting like the demon-rats across the aisle which are very small in number since thy were mostly voted out of office. so here we have a legislature taking its orders once again from a minority of demon-rats who were kicked out. insanity is doing the same things over and over with no results at all.