Islam: A Symptom and Not the Root Problem?


Genesis 11:7-8 Come, let us go down, and there confound their language, that they may not understand one another’s speech. So the LORD scattered them abroad from thence upon the face of all the earth: and they left off to build the city.

There will be those who poo-poo what I have to suggest here because it is based on Scripture and is, therefore, ‘religious’. Before that tact is taken, it might be well to consider the book as wisdom literature rather than a ‘religious’ text. That is the direction from which I offer this insight.

At the end of the day, everything is tribal. It’s not about ‘race’ or ‘ethnicity’. Want proof? Democrat vs. Republican, Washington Redskins vs. Dallas Cowboys, and yes, even still, Yankees vs. Southerners. When you hear folks discussing two sports teams, you will hear them include themselves as if they were a team member. ‘We’ scored. ‘Our’ offense. If people are so hardwired that they tribalize something so trivial as sporting events, what does that suggest about more important things such as worldview? In the end, it must be my clan, my kith, my kin.

We have been sold the idea by ‘progressives’ that our strength is in ‘diversity’. That, my friends, is idiotic on its face. Strength is in unity. America was strong when she required a melting pot where immigrants assimilated into American culture. She has become weak with the advent of the idea that immigrants not only may, but should keep their own culture and disregard America’s.

The Tower of Babel makes the point. Strength is in unity. What did God do to weaken the one world order of the day? He garbled their language and scattered them. And what has man (or more properly put, the enemy) been doing ever since? Attempting to rebuild and regain a ‘one world order’.

The one thing the globalists seem not to understand is that we are not wired in such a way as to allow for a one world government. Babel was united, not diverse. The modern peoples of planet earth are diverse, not united. They can be temporarily forced into compliance with a one world state under tyranny, but they will never be united. Thus, there will always be a struggle to return to ‘my clan’, ‘my kith’, ‘my kin’. It would appear that wisdom lies in smaller united groups with common interests, not a huge monolithic order.

Our problems with Islam are a direct symptom of the cancer of the lust for power of the globalist elite. They play the old ‘divide and conquer’ routine and expect that once sovereignty is destroyed the people will be united. Their plan cannot succeed, but they will destroy much and murder many in its pursuit.

I suspect that the game plan of the globalists is to sow Jihad throughout the West so as to cause absolute chaos (as in Syria or Libya). Once that is achieved, they will ride in on their white horse with a solution, and we all can guess what that will be. Our best defense is a return to community (kith, kin and clan) and to resist the leviathan with all our might, and yes, that will likely include bloodshed. Same as it ever was …

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Tom Angle
5 years ago

Never thought of it like that. Makes perfect sense.