Israelis spill US scenario

An American attack on Iran’s nukes would begin with “hundreds of cruise missiles” meant to demolish Iranian air defenses, intelligence facilities and radar stations, Israeli newspapers report.

The missile barrage would be followed by a wave of bunker-buster bombs dropped from B-52s that would destroy the nuclear facilities themselves.

“After the attack, an ultimatum would be issued to Iran to stop its military nuclear program immediately. In return, the West would supply it with peaceful nuclear reactors,” the Tel Aviv paper Maariv reported.

The bombshell revelations come days after Defense Secretary Leon Panetta visited Israel to assure government leaders that the United States will protect Israel from Iran’s nuclear plans.

But Israeli officials seemed unwilling to accept Panetta’s assurances that President Obama has their backs, media reports say.

“Obama will not attack Iran — never,” Netanyahu was quoted as telling Shaul Mofaz, the opposition leader. “In his second term, Obama will care even less about us than he cares now.”


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