It Is Time to Decide Which Side You Are On

If you don’t believe that the time has come to make a decision about which side you need to be on, watch the following video.


America has the luxury of a little more time than Europe but the amount of time may be short. The sides are being delineated and it is now the time for every man and woman to take a stand for good or evil. In the past, we could get by with shades of gray. Those days are gone as are the time to be silent in the face of evil.

David DeGerolamo


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Zero Cool
9 years ago


What is your message when you tell every woman and man its time to take a stand? What is it you are trying to get people to do? Are you calling for violence, for men and women to take arms, to oppose the occupiers? Your message is not clear, just very incitive.

It’s very apparent you are suffering from great anxiety and depression, so please do not let that motivate your discussions.

9 years ago

Hey UnCool --

The masks are off … the communists are out in public … this is civil war.

Stand with the communists and you will either be recognized as their ally, or you will be collateral damage in their coming insurrection.

Pam Reynolds
Pam Reynolds
9 years ago

Tim and I stand on the side of good and will fight to destroy evil.