Italian bishop says he’s ready to “turn all the churches into mosques” to aid the cause of mass Muslim migration

Monsignor Raffaele Nogaro, bishop emeritus of Caserta, says he is ready to “turn all the churches into mosques if it were useful to the cause and if it allowed us to save the lives of men and women.”

And so the Catholic Church continues on its path of aiding and abetting Europe’s civilizational and cultural suicide — not unwittingly, but with its eyes open. As I show in my book The History of Jihad From Muhammad to ISIS, the Catholic Church was once one of the foremost bulwarks of defense in the jihad against Europe. But those days are long gone, to the degree that those who call attention to the fact that Europe faces a resurgence today of the same threat that it faced for centuries are ruthlessly harassed and silenced by Catholic authorities.


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3 years ago

Clearly the church has been infiltrated and subverted. Time to get a Polish Pope.

Mike Monti
Mike Monti
3 years ago

I’m disgusted and ashamed, as both a Catholic and citizen of the world to hear of this attitude by a Bishop of the Church and more so by the Pope!

3 years ago

Martyrdom has been and still is a core component of the Roman Catholic theological dogma. They can’t see they’re on a course to sacrifice the Christian ethos for Islamic savagery. Then again maybe they do see that, but their self destruction programming won’t allow them to alter that principle.