Italian police barracks goes up in flames… Possible Vaccine Arson…

On the day of the entry into force of the vaccination obligation for the police in Rome, the building that houses the eighth Regiment of the Lazio Carabinieri burns down.


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NC Rob
NC Rob
9 months ago

If that’s true the Italians have more balls than we do.

9 months ago
Reply to  NC Rob

Yep Rob, most those countries seem to have more ball’s for sure!
I have seen much better organized protest/riots from other countries unfortunately. (BLM and antifa subtracted out that equation)
We just sit back saying “well, we have a 2nd amendment and guns though”… and then what? So what’s that doing for us… Ya know what i mean?
I know you’re seeing it the same as me, from what I’ve read of yours.
And yeah, the Italians, they must “have more ball’s” but that’s not saying much past few decades with American “men”.
The comments i see are correct, ” the women have neutered their men” and treat them like little lap dogs…so, here we are.

9 months ago

“Burn baby burn, it’s a disco Inferno” Reminds me of Disco Demolition at Comiski Park.