Italygate Update – 1/11/2021

Italian Lawyer Alfio D’Urso Presents Evidence Against Arrested Leonardo Security Head Arturo D’Elia's Involvement In US Election Hacking

Italian Lawyer Alfio D’Urso Presents Evidence Against Arrested Leonardo Security Head Arturo D’Elia’s Involvement In US Election Hacking

Italian Supreme Court lawyer Professor Alfio D’Urso has presented evidence against arrested Italian defense contractor Leonardo’s Security Head Arturo D’Elia’s involvement in the US Election hacking case. The information was presented to D’Urso by a high-level security services official who also stated that Arturo is willing to testify against all individuals and entities involving in the switching of votes. Arturo D’Elia served as IT security consultant at NATO’s Communication and Information Agency in Rome. He was also the Security Head for the Italian Defense contractor Leonardo SpA whose satellited were used in US Election hacking.

As reported by GreatGameIndia earlier, former CIA officer Bradley Johnson had revealed that Italian defense contractor Leonardo satellites were used in 2020 US Election hacking.

According to Johnson, Frankfurt servers only hosted partial tracks of the hacking. The operation to recalibrate the hacking attack took place through Leonardo servers and after this switching of numbers the new manipulated data was sent back to the Dominion voting machines in the US.


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gail jansen
gail jansen
9 months ago

Leo Zagami reported last year about a very private meeting Obama had with VIPs in Italy which made little sense at the time and never was followed up. So, my gut is that this was an Illuminati scheme. I’m also getting news on reliable feeds that the Pope has been arrested for child porno and trafficking. Hal Turner has part of it on his site but an Indian international news site shows the police documents. As I have been able to piece together from Hodges, Monkey Werx, and a few other sites, Trump has secured the backing of 40 generals, has signed the Insurrection Act, sent out arrest teams internationally because he is going after the international cabal. I have been waiting for some proof. The fact that the Pope could be arrested personally for heading up the sex & human trafficking is a major event and understandable if President Trump is going after the whole international web of evil.

Also, Hodges warned that we will need to pretty much shelter in place, once we are officially informed, until the end of the month. I spent time this evening topping of gas tanks, getting a couple extra bags of chicken food, etc. I’m just saying, if the internet is totally down, credit cards don’t work, and life goes on…you might want to take a few minutes to top off gas cans, etc.

9 months ago
Reply to  gail jansen

Gail, until there are sources not attributed to Hal Turner and Dave Hodges, those statements will hold no truth, IMHO. The “Common Sense Show” and the “Hal Turner Radio Show” have, over the years, made outrageous claims that have, at least as yet, been unproven and unfounded. Sorry, they are not reliable sources.