It’s a Miracle!

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8 days ago

Are they FINALLY sinking themselves??? Will it be too late….

gail jansen
gail jansen
6 days ago

How do I even begin to process this? These people, Harris, Biden, Lester Holt, are all counterfeit, fake, party to the crime(s). How can I even begin to rationally believe that they have ‘responsibility’ for the well being of exploited people? The first crime here is that Holt has given his talents over to MSM and therefore I must seriously doubt his authenticity. The second crime is the deception that either Harris or Biden are concerned for the US or Americans compounded by the fact that they enjoy the privilege of authority as if they earned it. The third crime is that we are force fed this gruel as if it is real food. What is happening at the southern border is a direct result of the afore mentioned crimes and can only be addressed by taking action to demand justice for the first three crimes. I don’t know about you, but I am tired of being force fed to the point of becoming inert. Lord, help us.