It’s Time To Build Trust

The following announcements are from Michael Downing. He is organizing a region as outlined below.

David DeGerolamo


We are working on breaking down NC into regions to be serviced by a preppers’ barter network. The concept will be to arrange face to face meetings between members of different prepper groups in each region so the beginnings of a level of trust between groups can be reached and lines of communication and a barter network established well before a collapse should, if, when it comes.

Meetings have already begun and are being spread to different areas. Far western NC has already had a meet up and one was held this past weekend in the Winston-Salem area and two more regions have been set up covering Buncombe County east to approximately I-77 and another for I-77 east with the eastern boundary to be determined.

Meetings will soon be scheduled in each of these new regions. It is always easier to establish a level of trust now while we are still preparing than to wait until after a fall. Bartering among groups will be an essential form of commerce and one way to get necessary supplies. If you are in either of these new regions you can PM me here for more information. If you are outside these established regions and want to facilitate a meet up in your area you can also PM me for more information.

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A tentative date for a meet up for prepper groups in the Western region of NC is set for 9-21 at a location to be released once contact has been made. This meeting will be broadcast by NC Renegade and possibly by others as well. The initial meeting will be to gauge further interest in setting up a regional prepper’s network and the decision on how to proceed and how it is structured will be determined by those in attendance. The area to be covered will basically be from Asheville east to the Statesville area. Anyone from this site interested can PM me here and more details can be. If you are in NC and outside this area but would like to hold a meeting in your area you can PM me as well. The intent is to have each region autonomous and set up by the groups in their own area to serve the needs of their area. Each regional group should have contacts made with the other regional groups in their area as well.

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7 years ago

Wish you guys well in this. This is a great idea.

Randy Grimes
Randy Grimes
7 years ago

I went to the link but it said I must register before trying to make contact. So I guess I will NOT be making contact. I will not even attempt it again. Not worth my time

7 years ago

Ken and I are interested in joining a group in the Raleigh area and possibly a western group, if we locate a home and property in the western part of the state. Please let me know when the next meeting in the Raleigh area will be and Ken and I will be there. Thanks David for all that you and Lucy are doing to help people get educated and ready for what’s coming. God Bless!!