Jan 6 Protester Faces 20-Years In Prison For Standing In Capitol For 10 Minutes – Wife Launches GiveSendGo

After stealing the 2020 election, the Biden regime,  Democrat Party and corporate media continue to exploit the events of January 6 to warrant a manhunt on Trump supporters.

Branded “white supremacists” and “domestic terrorists,” scores of Americans who protested the fraudulent election in Washington DC have since been arrested in pre-dawn raids and hauled off to jail.

**  Joseph’s wife Deena launched a crowdfunding GiveSendGo campaign last week in hopes of being able to hire a private attorney to represent her husband.  Please help if you can.

Joseph Hackett, a 50-year-old chiropractor, now faces a 20-year sentence in federal prison after “heinously” stepping in the Capitol Building for approximately ten minutes on Jan. 6.

According to court documents, prosecutors claim Hackett allegedly walked into the Capitol Rotunda towards the House of Representatives on Jan. 6 at 2:45 pm. He then left the Capitol at 2:54 pm.

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While We Continue To Wait For Them To Come To Our Door…. They Are HUNTING US!


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15 days ago

I had at least a dozen old tea party friends asking me to attend the fiasco . I told them it looked like a buffalo jump and I wanted no part of it . It appears I was right . The gut feeling still works . They rented a big bus to haul them down there . I’m still wondering if the Trump was in on the plan . Who do I trust ? Gawd and my dog .

Stan Sylvester
Stan Sylvester
15 days ago
Reply to  robert

On 9/11 a reporter “found” Donald on the streets in NYC. He said that planes alone couldn’t have brought the towers down. He said he thought explosives had been used.
While running for prez, rather than repeat what he said on 9/11 about explosives, he said that he remembered seeing dancing Muslims, not dancing Israelis celebrating the collapsed towers. This cemented the official narrative as well as hiding Isreal’s involvement.
Once elected he hire Rudy Gulianni as his lawyer. Rudy was a former federal prosecutor and mayor on NYC on 9/11. The collapsed towers were a crime scene. There was forensic evidence to be analyzed. What does Rudy do? He somehow got logistics underway for tons of steel to be cut up and shipped to Asian countries starting the next day. Without men like Steve Jones going after the 9/11 dust, thermite wouldn’t have been discovered.
Donald’s followers give him a pass on Covid because of poor advice from the people surrounding him. These are the people he chose. This is the billionaire that talked about how much we would be winning with him in office??????? Pullleeeesssseeee.

15 days ago

Just in case you missed this Wes.

The Tough Love of a Scotsman…. Sending a Call Out to the Nations.

TIME ITHE S NOW! -The message that needs to be heard! (Please share) (odysee.com)

The Freedom Warrior on his way to London (odysee.com)

Alex Lund
Alex Lund
15 days ago

I have a question.
If I remember right, during the hearing of Kavanaugh the Capitol was stormed by leftwing loonies. Not one was charged.
What if Mr Hackett claims TU QUOQUE?
If you commit the same crime you must be punished (or not punished) equally.
(Please look up Grand Admiral Dönitz of the german Kriegsmarine WWII.)