John Boehner: ‘We may never recover’

John Boehner is pictured. | Jay Westcott/POLITICO

See additional comments on Tea Party Nation (and they are not too kind to the Speaker).

House Speaker John Boehner said in a stark warning Tuesday that if President Barack Obama wins reelection, the American economy may “never recover.”

“The president’s economic policies have failed – I would argue they actually made things worse. And as a result, the president has turned to the politics of envy and division. This is not in my opinion the right way to run for reelection,” Boehner said on Fox News. “America can’t live for four more years with Barack Obama as president. His policies will turn America in a direction that we may never recover from.”


A message to Speaker Boehner:

You are stating the obvious. Any American who loves this country and what it represents, realized this fact three years ago. We marched in the streets. We surrounded the Capitol in Washington. And you. You did nothing as our nation’s economy deteriorated and our debt exploded. Obama was able to expedite the progressive agenda but you were just as complicit as you used his usurpation for election issues.

David DeGerolamo

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9 years ago

David DeGerolamo, WELL SAID. The GOP has done NOTHING to stop Obama but play pretend. It was all a set up for this election. OMG, OMG, Obama is so bad we have to replace him…………..such BS. The GOP has failed this country just as much as Obama and the Dems have, but I blame STUPID voters.

9 years ago

You nailed it talking about The Speaker and for that matter the entire bunch of those idiots in Congress ! I personally think the Republican Party is as much a part of the problem as the Dems. There is “NO” excuse for them not starting a resolution of “Impeachment” on Obama for everything from A-Z , on violations of the Constitution !
They also could cut off the money for all of this garbage a long time ago ! We now have a bunch of sheep in Congress led by the wolves who don’t give a rat’s butt about the rest of us ! They are only in it for themselves, plain and simple.
If these bunch of idiots get re-elected in November, there will be “CHANGE”
they or the rest of us may not survive. We are on the edge of the cliff with our toes hanging ten and all we need is a gust of wind to blow us over the edge !
Every morning when I wake up, I pray for this country, my family and my friends in the hope we will be given the strength and courage to stand up against this
evil group of men and women who are hell bent on destroying what we have worked for all our lives ! Take Care and thanks again for what you do. -- Don

9 years ago

Amen Don. When Boehner chose to cave on the debt ceiling increase, that was all I needed to know.