You are worthy of MY praise

From Ann Barnhardt:

Finally, the insipid narcissim of “Contemporary Christian / Praise and Worship” music. If this is what you pump into your spirit, I can see why this is a nation of braindead, self-absorbed cowards. “You are worthy of MY praise.” I’m sure God Almighty is very relieved to know that He is WORTHY of YOUR praise. Considering that He is perfect Goodness, Beauty, Truth and Love, and you are a miserable tick of a sinner, I’m glad to know the He is WORTHY of YOUR praise. Puke. There are more first person pronouns in this pablum than in an Obama speech, and that’s saying something. Hurl.

And I thought I was the only one who thought this when I heard it in Church last year in Raleigh. Narcissism in our government is seen everyday: is it any wonder that our churches follow their example? Isn’t that the point? Once the government controls and diminishes our churches, they replace God with “someone who is worthy of our praise”. Can you see it?

David DeGerolamo

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