Judge Jeanine Pirro – Obama Has NO INTEREST in Leadership

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7 years ago

The male teens are age 16-17 who will be old enough to vote next election. He brought in the little children with his left hand so we wouldn’t watch his right hand bringing in the voters for the next election.

Don’t think that anything he does is out of incompetence, or even neglect. Everything he does is calculated and designed for an outcome, an outcome to destroy America, turn it into a socialist country, that will then be combined with all north/central American countries and later into one world order under the UN agenda for the 21st century (Agenda 21).

Every time he gets us to focus on his left hand, his right hand is doing something else. Even when the Boston bomber attacked at the Boston Marathon, a power grid was taken out on the left coast and not even reported.

Stop thinking him incompetent. He’s accomplished more towards the mission of destroying America, faster, than his predecessors which include the Clintons and the Bushs and many of our other elected officials who are members of the Council on Foreign Relations, another group designed to destroy America -- while making it’s members rich of course!


To me, any member of the CFR, and person in an elected position to protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign or domestic” who are not protecting and rather are sabotaging, are committing acts of treason. They should all be sent to GITMO.

7 years ago

This seems to be one of the view remaining sites where i am permiited to post comments..

The Phony rightwing is lashing back as being called out for what they are -- Fox News one!!

With this Judge its all Obama and to her he is just incompetent, does anyone buy this tripe any longer.. The Republicans file lawsuits and Obama laughs at them….

Fox News is owned by an Open Borders, CFR member Rupert Murdoch and if you dont tow the amnesty line you are in trouble….Not to forget his Saudi Prince co owner..

Oreilly, Van Sustern and even Hannity are on board and have been with some form of amnesty..
Oreilly even suggested GUN REGISTRATION a year back..

Until the people stop playing party politics and call out many sellouts on the so called Right there is NO CHANCE for the USA..

7 years ago
Reply to  Rich

Not to forget Council for National Policy Joe Farah and World Net Daily…

These people have denied access to not only me but a good friend who lives on the AZ/Mexico border for quite a long time..

There is plenty more out there about Joseph Farah………….

7 years ago

I was reinstated

well except for WND and Joe Farah