Judge Napolitano: “This Is Absolutely Stalinistic!

The gag serves no legitimate governmental purpose. And yet she’s enforcing it on him and his lawyers. Question: why is the Bill Barr Department of Justice not opposing this secrecy and not opposing this gag rule?

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1 year ago

Heh, the attorneys and judges are the ones that come up with these so called legal arguments. When do we regulate the attorneys and judges? When does the “bar” get held accountable for their actions? When do they get their ass BBQ’d in the legal system? The simple answer to that is, NEVER! Basically we have been indoctrinated to follow the law. These laws are handed down from high by the same individuals that we are electing to office, over 50% of these folks are attorneys. These individuals are the same scum that tax the crap out of you and I, impose new statutes to control us and dictate how and where we will live our lives. WAKE UP and smell the coffee! They act and manage just like STALIN did his people!

Attorneys are a big club and YOU are NOT in it!!! It is pay to play and “we” don’t have admission.

Liberally Disgusted
Liberally Disgusted
1 year ago

How do we get rid of judges? This one and many others need to go!

1 year ago

“BAR” association = British Attorney Registry

Attorneys use the Title “Esquire” a British Title of Nobility

“judges” wear Black Robes, the Symbol of Saturn (satan)

The Gold-Fringed Flag in every Courtroom -- The “Admiralty Flag” of a Crown Corporation under Admiralty Law (International Law)

If you “Hire” an Attorney, he/she/it is an OFFICER OF THE COURT and MUST obey the orders of the Court AND REPRESENT THE COURT’S INTERESTS BEFORE YOURS.

If Arrested, NEVER “enter a Plea” no matter how you are Threatened, and NEVER sign any Documents. by doing Either, you have entered into a Binding Contract with the False Corporation calling itself THE UNITED STATES CORPORATION headquartered in “Washington, D.C.” which is NOT legally a part of the Republic.

Look into these things, plenty of Information out there, including documented cases where “Court Officers” were forced to admit to these Facts.

p.s. if you do not put your signature on a “Tax Form” you are not Contractually Obligated to Pay that Tax.
And don’t use a “social security number” that is (((their))) Hollerith System of Stock Control, the same ### -- ## -- ### burned into the arms of the Reich’s sklavenarbeiten (slave laborers)