Keeping OPFOR up to Date on Your Whereabouts

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WRAL-TV) — The American Civil Liberties Union in North Carolina has joined a number of other states is asking police for how they use automatic license plate readers to track and record movement.  The Charlotte Observer reported the ACLU has filed the request with 61 agencies in North Carolina.

The automatic license plate readers use cameras to photograph every license plate that passes by. The photos usually include the time and date. That information can be used by police looking for specific license plate numbers.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officials told city council in May they are installing about three dozen of the cameras at intersections. Police say the cameras are being used for public safety purposes, not to compile information about people’s habits. Police say it helps find stolen vehicles.

All liberty-minded individuals need to keep track of where such devices are in their AO, and act accordingly.  As a fellow patriot has warned, “Watch all of your Enemies. They are many, and they will act independently.”

Stay out of the OPFOR’s bullseye…

~Those who abuse Liberty, do so at their own peril!

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