Know Your Enemy

The following article is written by Leo Gerard. Most people have never heard of this man who is the president of the United Steelworkers. Like Jamie Dimon and George Soros, appearances are deceiving. This man is the enemy of the free market, Liberty and our republic. Know your enemies now: the lines are being drawn.

David DeGerolamo

The Rich Really Are Different


Silver-spooners like Romney and Ryan have never experienced real fiscal insecurity–and their policies reflect it

The rich, those born sucking silver spoons like Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, really are different from the middle class. The wealthy grow up and live their lives wrapped in security. That’s what gives them the arrogance to organize a posse to hold down a fellow prep school student and chop off his hair, mock NASCAR fans’ clothes and ridicule cookies offered by supporters. No matter what, Romney and Ryan will remain rich and secure.

By contrast, those born into poverty or the middle class live lives nagged by insecurity. They know their jobs could be offshored at any moment. They know their employers may raid their pensions in bankruptcy. Their major asset in life, their home, may have lost a third of its value when the Wall Street-inflated housing bubble burst. Rich would be great, but those born without trust funds work hardest just to attain a little security.


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Faye West
Faye West
9 years ago

I find that when the rich get richer the poor also get richer because they make more jobs, pay better salaries, and support health care reseach. They donate to non profit organizations to help those who are in temporary hardships and offer the jobs for those who aren’t lazy or on drugs. They have many facilities to even help those who are on drugs get off, and get on with a productive life. Better education for those who need to learn skills that enables them to get a better job. You don’t have to have a six figure income to be happy. You do need affordable health care, and consumer products like food, furniture, appliances and veheciles/fuels and entertainment. We built America on middle class people being willing to do what is needed to provide farms requiring hard labor, factories and all the small businesses that help you to be a productive contribution to society and our poor are rich compared to the 3rd world countries but bankrupting us won’t help them. Resources properly gleened to their benefit not sweat shops that keeps them from a healthy happy life, but the education on a lower level is required to give them hope, help them to arise. Many don’t because they have never had and don’t know what they could have with a minimal amount of effort.