KrisAnne Hall ~ Liberty is our inherent possession, not government gift

“How do we defend our rights when we do not even know what they are?”

h/t Wes R

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6 years ago

“What do we do when we have a government that is completely out of control ?”
“Government won’t work if you have men who can’t tell the difference between the rights
of men and a punch in the mouth.”
Most inspiring speech. Too many memorable quotes. We need more talks like this in front of
the public arena. I will sign this young ladies pledge.

Charlie Secondat
Charlie Secondat
6 years ago

Love to get her out here to speak! “Standing for you rights is only radical to Tyrants and Slaves”. WOW!

6 years ago

This was very good, I would like to see more of Miss Hall on NC Renegade.