KrisAnne Hall: Pray for Pastoral Awakening

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Average Jow
Average Jow
6 years ago

This has been the problem since the 1950s when Ike signed Johnson’s unconstitutional bill into law that forbad Churches, White ones anyway, form discussing politics. Why the generation that defeated Hitler refused to address this bit of tyranny is beyond me, yet we still suffer for it.

Thankfully some pastors, such as Chuck Baldwin, have been addressing the issue and scolding Christian Churches for choosing tax status over the Gospel and watering down the message to make sure they do not run afoul of the government.

The “Black Robe Brigade” helped us seek and win independence and if God will again find us worthy and bless us with men who will preach the whole of the Gospel rather than the politically correct portions we may yet again have a country founded upon the liberty that can only come from the Almighty.