KrisAnne Hall: What Can I Do As One Person?

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6 years ago

our nation is doomed because we dont have people in our nation today who believe nor understand what liberty and freedom represents. all we have today is illegal aliens who come from marixst dictatorship nations who could care less less about freedom and liberty one bit. All they care about is getting the pimp money doled out by the main pimps in the federal government. as for our citizens they are to busy being high and only care about the pot laws being rescinded. These fools just want to by high everyday and live there life in some sort of euphoric state of bliss. As for our so called normal citizens they are a detestable loathsome bunch of dumbed down idiots and steered in one direction by the evil demon-rats in academia, the media, the government, and all of the other whore groups in America that have sprung up in protection of the demon-rat pimp party. So when i state we are doomed, we are doomed .our nation has committed very grievous sins by acts of omission and also acts of commission, in the eyes of our Lord this is detestable and our nation is being judged for our actions right now. just look at the sodomite islamic the people voted in, is this not an act of judgement on a nation that has removed God from every aspect of American life , and this continues to this day unabated and getting more evil with each passing day.