LaRoque Indicted – Is There a Tillis Connection?

Stephen A. LaRoque, former Richard Morgan co-conspirator, ally of Thom Tillis, and recently unelected legislator was indicted by a federal grand jury yesterday on eight counts of fraud, theft, embezzlement, and misappropriation of federal money that may have been fraudulently obtained through grants and loans.

We strongly believe that our system of justice provides that the accused are innocent until proven guilty, but we also recognize that the facts presented in the indictment show that Mr. LaRoque has been pretty loose with Federal loans and grants that he passed around between his own businesses.  This started long before Mr. LaRoque even entered the political arena in 2002.  His willingness to be loose with his constituents’ trust by allying with Richard Morgan and his ilk shows that Mr. LaRoque has a deficiency of discernment at the very least.


h/t Lisa Marley

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