I Pledged Allegiance to the Flag of the once great United States of America, to the Republic for which it claimed to stand. I swore an Oath to Uphold the Constitution against Enemies foreign and Domestic. That Oath never expires.
But we’ve become a Nation under God Forsaken Fools.
Highly Divisible.
The Moral High Ground our nation was built upon has long since eroded.
A house divided against itself cannot stand.
Our Nation has become indifferent, Apathetic to the ideals of our forefathers.
The time is here when wolves will try and lay claim to this once great country. Will you be a sheep? Or will you fight the wolves?
Rep. Jim Jordan gave an interview this morning and he stated the question he is asked the most is “When is someone going to jail over the crimes that have been committed?”
I’ll answer that for you Jim: NEVER!
The betrayal we face from our govt has set us free. For if there be lawlessness what reason do any of us have for obedience?

I’ve been at this process of trying to wake people up to what is happening to our country for a long time. I’m really tired of trying to bring people out of their slumber.
I grow tired of the people who reply with things like “we do nothing.” We must mean you? do you have a mouse in your pocket? What i am hearing is , ‘we’ are not doing exactly what you want to do, or think we should be doing.”
You have no idea the things I have done in this fight against this communist takeover of our country. And you’ll have no idea the things I am willing to do, for I won’t ever trust people who make comments such as that.

It seems everyone is just waiting for that one big Red Line to be crossed. Just hope it’s not to late when we decide that its happened.
Congress is back in session. Let’s see if this govt. that thinks it is above the law, tries to pass a law that crosses that red line.
The Great American Gun Grab is under way.

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Rabbi Will
Rabbi Will
4 years ago

The ruling elite class of the FUSA state is definitely the filthiest scum humanity has ever produced since humans have been on the Earth!there are too few men like us Wes! The sad fact is enough people know better. If everyone who knows we’re on the wrong path would. just refuse to comply with any law that is against our God given natural rights as humans the solution would not even require violence or even threats. But alas! Our Patriots hide behind their keyboards. And our great. Wise LOL. Christian leaders hide in their Sunday theaters and cell groups vomiting in Messiahs face. All the while claiming to want Relationship with him. Well I’ve got news Rape is not a relationship!

a follower
a follower
4 years ago

Well if you are tired why the constant onslaught of blindly lashing out at we? i would point out that you also have no idea of what we have done or are doing also. Do you think that we should absolutely trust you?
None of us here truly knows each other. Blindly lashing out at others is no way to run a railroad or to gain people’s respect or trust.
Also why not discuss on thread where all this came up? Why a whole new thread? Do you gain something by this puffed up attitude and center stage bully pulpit garbage?
Wes did you get the e-mail i sent you?
Not trying to be your enemy.
if and i mean ‘if’ we are truly on the side of God, there is no too late!

4 years ago

If thirty years ago we had listed various potential ‘Red Lines’, well, most, maybe all, have since been crossed. Same with the potential reds line we might have listed 20 years ago. Or 10 years ago. Or 5 years ago. Or 2 years ago. So why do we keep taking it, accepting, acquiescing, just rolling over? What’s different about now versus around 1776? I think it is that around 1776 we had leaders -- -- Paine, Henry, Franklin, Washington, Hancock, Revere, Jefferson, and others. When I’ve brought this up before some dismiss it, ‘We don’t need no stinkin’ leaders, I’ll shoot when they come for my guns,’ blah, blah. Blowhards ignorant of history and reality, supremely ineffective. When they’re coming for your guns it’s likely already too late, and at that time all you’ll accomplish by resisting is getting dead. Yeah, you might shoot ’em, but the country will have already been lost. The national situation is not recoverable or reversible by peaceful political means. We’re long past that; our country’s enemies are too strong, too entrenched, too organized, they control too much. The individual Joe Citizen cannot save the country, nor can lots of individual Joe Citizens. Individuals, or several individuals will be ineffective. A loose mob won’t do the trick. There must be some organizing, some rousing to collective action. So where are our leaders? Some ‘potential leaders’ come to mind, names we respect and recognize, names we might follow into action -- -- but they’re too busy pontificating in their columns and on the airwaves for compensation, making speeches for fees, writing and selling books. If a few of those names were to give up their lucrative livelihoods and call for action it might happen. In the meantime we Joe Citizens sit, waiting, waiting for something. We are frogs in heating water, and it appears we’re destined to die in the pot.

a follower
a follower
4 years ago
Reply to  Annon.

point taken,
prophecy will happen, ‘navigate’ through it.

a follower
a follower
4 years ago

Wes,- “The betrayal we face from our govt has set us free. For if there be lawlessness what reason do any of us have for obedience?”
This is a call for more lawlessness, You are wrong, along with many others. Just because the world is full of disobedience and lawlessness does not mean we are to follow suit. If we are Truly turning back to God and away from the world we will be on an opposite course of ‘the world’ and many of those in it.