Lawsuit Alleges IRS Stole 60 Million Medical Records

IRS building / AP

The Internal Revenue Service is facing allegations that it illegally stole medical records from more than ten million Americans during a raid on a Southern California health care facility this year.

IRS agents “stole more than 60,000,000 medical records of more than 10,000,000 Americans, including at least 1,000,000 Californians,” according to a lawsuit filed in March by an unnamed company in California superior court.

“This is an action involving the corruption and abuse of power by several Internal Revenue Service agents,” the plaintiffs claim.

The lawsuit could fuel public outrage at the IRS, which is already under fire for targeting Tea Party groups for increased legal scrutiny while allowing liberal groups to operate relatively unimpeded.

The IRS is also the chief enforcement agency for the Affordable Care Act, making concerns about their handling of health care records of particular note.


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