Leftists Threaten MORE Rioting If Amy Coney Barrett Is Confirmed, They Are Walking Into Trump’s TRAP

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3 years ago

This isn’t ‘bad news’, just more Double-Down on Stupid…. I wonder if the DNC (and their Money Masters) are not far from realizing that the (staged, organized ) Rioting is starting to become a significant Negative to their ‘brand’.

Or maybe, like some writers have suggested, the DNC/RNC puppets have been instructed by their to “let Trump Win” since it is obvious now that the Coronascam will continue to destroy the economy, and then by 2024, >>>they<<< may be able to 'Sell' their communism to the starving masses….

But they Still have Failed to address the issue of 3- 400 Million Guns in the hands of increasingly Pissed-Off People…

Arthur Sido
3 years ago

I sort of believed the “Trump has a plan, 4-D chess” stuff for about a year but it is becoming pretty obvious now after four years of a string of backstabbing idiots he hired and his latest $500 billion lame attempt at bribing black voters that he just has no clue what is going on and is too vain to admit it.

3 years ago
Reply to  Arthur Sido

So vote for Hidin Biden and shut up , to paraphrase Samuel Adams.

3 years ago
Reply to  GenEarly

..”vote for Hiden Biden and shut up…”

And that isn’t a Valid Strategy because? IMO, (un)Civil War is now a Foregone Conclusion, why not go ‘all in’ and let the bolsheviks try all the Gun Seizures, ‘coronahoax’ Lockdowns, etc., and force the ‘fence sitters’ to take up Arms…

I also now Believe, as some writers had proposed before the 2016 Election, that the dummycrats ran the Clintoon because they WANTED Trump to Win, and then be responsible for the Economic Collapse that the ///usual suspects\\\ have been planning since, 1913 at least. Given that Trump WAS ‘improving the Economy, we now have the coronahoax, and dummycrat-governors promoting non-Constitutional ‘lockdowns’.

They haven’t met their goals of complete economic meltdown (yet) with Trump in office, so by ‘running’ Pedo Joe & the Ho’, they have a fair chance of “Blaming” it on ‘conservatives’ (White Men) when it does collapse. Alternately, they still plan to ‘Steal’ the Election if they Can.
So, no reason not to ‘make them Own it’.