Let’s Show Governor Bev How North Carolina Feels About the Suspension of Elections in 2012

Major Rally at the Governor’s Mansion!

Join us at an important rally at the Governor’s Mansion in Raleigh
Saturday, October 1
11:00 AM -1:00 PM

COME, bring your flag, wear your red, white and blue and hold your sign high. It is time to let Governor Bev know we won’t stand for her flagrant disregard for our US Constitution. She has embarrassed and humiliated the citizens of North Carolina. She has stomped on our Constitutional Rights.

See you Saturday,

Donna Yowell


“I think we ought to suspend elections for Congress for two years”

Beverly Perdue

She Wants to Flaunt Article 1, Sec. 2 of the Federal Constitution

America is reacting – it’s bigger than North Carolina 




Article 1, Sect. 2 of our US Constitution:

The House of Representatives shall be comprised of Members chosen every second Year by the People of the Several States….

Read the Constitution, Beverly!

We cannot allow this attack on our Constitution and our sacred rights to Vote for our Elected Representatives to go unchallenged! Only tyrannical dictators suspend elections when the will of the People has turned against them and their policies. Governor Perdue is behaving like a would-be dictator in proposing that Congressional Elections be “suspended” for two years!

Governor Perdue has shown her true colors. Frustrated by the will of the People and knowing that the Voters will punish her at the polls in 2012 for her policies and actions, she wishes to suspend those elections. She wishes for those who have flaunted power and ignored the electorate to be shielded from that electorate.

This is a serious attack on the Constitution. If this attack goes unchallenged, those who would trample on the Constitution and on our God-given rights will grow even bolder! The Tea Party stands for the U.S. Constitution and for full restoration of the limited government prescribed in that sacred document. This is a call to TEA Party patriots across the state of North Carolina to come to the Governor’s Mansion in Raleigh on Saturday, October 1.

We must call out the Governor on her un-Constitutional proposal and her attack on the very foundation of U.S. governance. America must remain a Government Of the People and By the People. We the People must defend it and let Governor Perdue know she has crossed the line!

Her proposal is wrong. It is indefensible. It is abhorrent!

Governor Perdue spoke about suspending elections. Her public call for suspending elections specifically attacks the Constitution and the right of the People to Vote for their Elected Representatives.

We want lots of signs. But we need to be firmly on message. If there are signs on all kinds of issues as you might normally see at a general Tea Party rally, the message will be lost. The protest will be less effective.

So we encourage those who will make signs to keep them focused on protecting and preserving our U.S. Constitution, on protecting our Right to Vote, and on challenging Governor Perdue for stepping way over the line!

Bring a flag, signs if you wish, and plenty of patriotic strength. WE ARE RIGHT!

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Pamela Harper
Pamela Harper
10 years ago

Beverly Perdue is a loser. She is just like Obama. NC needs a REAL leader & it isn’t BEV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She needs to resign NOW.