LGBTQ+ Child Abuse

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6 days ago

I cannot go there. Somethings make me so angry that I might loose control.

6 days ago

It’s Not like this wasn’t ‘predictable’ Years Ago- even some of the ‘fag marriage’ (((advocates))) openly said that That would be the route to “normalizing” Child Molesting, and now the very same (((creatures))) are pushing the Overt Sexualization of Children -- things like “Desmond is Amazing” and the whole ‘gender confusion’ Meme being Promoted in the government-run (((schools))).
The (((group))) that has been Promoting “Drag Queen Story Hour” at Libraries and Schools are being Defended by Armed Agents of the State- to Prevent the fags being Strung Up by their own Lingerie…
All Perfectly Legal -- remember, the Babylonian Talmud says that having Sex with Children over Three Years of Age is acceptable.
But yet, if Any Normal, White, Christian People object in Any Way to this kind of Perversion, they are Instantly Branded “NAZIRACISTANTISEMITE!!!”

gail jansen
gail jansen
6 days ago

individual people who are homosexual, lesbian or transgender have been among us forever, BUT it was acceptable as long as LGQBT didn’t become obsessive or dominate everything. What has rarely been admitted is that the LGQBT lifestyle is in and of itself, predatory. It always was and now we are all living in the Hell of it because we are so WOKE!
I for one realized early on that I can dearly love a person because they are wonderfully unique. However, it isn’t okay for my life and my beliefs to drowned in their proclivities simply because they are uncomfortable with the public square. The objective here, besides hijacking our children is to hijack the adult power and make straights the ones on the outside. When hetros, especially men, begin to feel quilt for being attracted to women, or for feeling protective of their wives and children, then LGQBT politics have won. They have marginalized the breeders. It’s the ultimate, in-your-face flaming queen stand-off.
Because you see, if you cross the line into their world, and wake up the next morning realizing you are still alive…they’ve got you! You have become one of them and that’s checkmate.