Monrovia – Despite tremendous efforts by the government of Liberia and international partners aimed at eradicating the deadly Ebola virus, it seems the fight is becoming difficult to reach an end as new cases of Ebola are again being reported in the country.
For the past few days, Liberia, which was recording dozens of Ebola cases daily was only battling with the last five confirmed Ebola cases, but that record is now on a slippery path as five new Ebola cases have been reported in the St. Paul Bridge Community in Montserrado County

Addressing the Ministry of Information daily Ebola press briefing, Assistant Health Minister and Head of the Incident Management System Tolbert Nyenswah explained that the government has identified a fresh Ebola outbreak in the St. Paul Bridge area, describing it as “the St. Paul bridge cluster infection chain.” Minister Nyenswah named Zubah town, Gbangay town as well as Crab Hole communities in the St. Paul Bridge area as the major hotspot of the new Ebola outbreak.


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