In an effort to expose the left for what it is to people outside the informational loop of conservative and even radical conservatives that visit this blog, WRSA and others of like mind and political leanings, we have made LIES OF OMISSION available until at least after the election free on YouTube.
The reason we have done this is that there is so much good information from so many good sources that it seems necessary that the word get out and to be honest the year and half since its completion it is even more relevant today than it was then. The predictions made then have evolved and transpired in the headlines.
At this point, the message is more important than any other consideration, so we have thrown the doors open. Please send the link to whoever you can to help them understand what the real questions before the American public are during this election season.
We want to thank everyone for their support over the years. This was always a labor of love for the country for all concerned and while we tried to do things the traditional way, we ran out of momentum at a crucial time.
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a follower
a follower
2 years ago

Thumbs up, and a Thank you.

Would also like to relate something that happened and is happening in my area and quite possibly yours.
Came home this week to find a gun on the coffee table. a little unusual, yet it would seem some one had approached the house and without knocking tried the door to see if it was open. It thankfully was not.
My wife watches this person get in the car parked out on the road and do the same thing at other homes. Broad daylight mind you.
They are getting bolder and or stupider?