Life in the American Occupied Territories

By  Safetalker

How we live in these united States under the occupation of the Corporate Federal Government is a subject that few care to recognize or understand. To accept the facts of our occupation by a Federal Corporation is to have to recognize our own shortcomings. To ultimately have to admit that we the American people are not free. In my personal opinion; I do not believe we were ever intended to be free.

From the earliest days of the Colonies the people were recruited with promises of freedom, but when they arrived on these shores they often found that they were in reality just indentured servants of the Crown granted land charter holders. These holders of the charters were selected by the King of England for their roles, and the people who were sold passage were made to understand that these land holders did so under the seal of the King. What the arrivals were asked to do was nothing short of serfdom. When the revolution was over, and Washington had accepted the sword of Cornwallis the people were again promised freedom. However, to retain the land they lived upon was not a part of that freedom.  To ensure the continuation of the possession of the land by the king there were a series of Versailles treaties signed by the king of england and the representative colony esquire officials to both make our ownership of the land and freedom from the control of the King impossible. We were again serfs to British nobles, but this time they were home grown. When the white man arrived on this continent there was
no ownership of land. The Indians (as we called them) did not possess land they used it, cared for it, and left  without leaving any sign of their passing. They farmed where they lived. Hunted where they walked, and nurtured the land where ever they went. That was their creator determined role. It is a white man determined need to own that which is not ownable. When the Federal Government was strapped to our backs by the Constitution for the united States in 1789 we became obligated to provide for that Government.

The first president was George Washington. He began a  procedure of issuing Orders, decrees, and proclaiming like a King. His first was to give the army off on St Patrick’s day. The first signs of the occupation of the Territories was the sending of the Militia into four  Pennsylvania counties to put down a tax insurrection. This was know as the Whiskey Rebellion. I personally was amazed in the 60’s when I traveled to Berlin Germany as a member of the United States army. I was able to watch as civilians were asked to show identification to enter places, to purchase goods in some stores, and for random checks by the German police. I was told it was to prevent Russian Spies from infiltrating the area and stealing our secrets. In a grocery store? However I was a member of the Berlin Occupation forces and they gave me a ribbon to prove it. When I first observed one of these civilian check points I smiled, and thought about the sand that would be thrown if they tried that in America. I saw one last week at a Walmart store and it passed as smoothly as it did back in 1965 in Occupied Berlin. How did we become this pliable? How did we lose the guts to refuse to stand for this unconstitutional behavior of one american against another? Where did we slip into being an occupied land? Perhaps we always were! In the 1860’s we went to war other because we could not live together any longer under our yoke Federal Domination. There was no armed actions that started this. It was just our states recalling their representatives to the congress so they could not vote to give up the land our people lived upon as collateral for the debts of the Founding fathers and after. One of those Versailles treaties was a loan from the King of England to pay back the debt of our rebellion. These were signed for our people by Esquires sent by our founding fathers. When we couldn’t pay them back we had to pledge more and more  of our land for the accumulating interest. Interest to keep our Federal Government Sovereign.

To prevent Foreclosure by our debtors. When the Federal Government demanded that the southern states provide their  land to the pot the southerners went home. The federal Government went to war to ensure that the South got no help. To keep the Federal Government afloat then President Lincoln issued a series of Presidential decrees and proclamations that lifted the freedoms of the people. These denial of freedoms were not just in the Southern States. This is where we became an occupied territory of the Federal Government it hasn’t changed since then. In these actions they divided our states into Military Districts with military commanders. Then each county had a Commission appointed to allow the military commander to concentrate on major problems while the Commission with the Elected Sheriff as the enforcement handled the rest.

This exists today in your county, or Common wealth. How many states do you know that has a constitution which spell out the County Commission? It is hard to consider yourself as an occupied person instead of a free american. However you have to face facts. When the constitution that governs this nation says that you will be secure in your person, and your effects, and yet any police officer, Sheriff/Deputy, Patrolman, agent of what ever agency can stop you anywhere you may be standing and demand you present your identification and then search your home, your vehicles, and your person: are you free? They must have that power since every claim against them is adjudicated as unfounded by the nation’s legal system. If they have that power then you live in an occupied territory under the law of war, not the constitution of the united States of America. When the constitution states plainly that to search you or your property, and the person carrying out the search must have a warrant issued by a Judge of the Court and the warrants used to allow Federal and State, and local agents and law enforcement personnel are signed by a magistrate with no affidavit and found to be legally accepted. Then you must be in an occupied military zone under the Lieber Code and not the Constitution for the united States of America. We the people of this great nation are in a mass denial of what is very evident to any who have eyes to see, and ears to hear.

We just do not want to admit that the American dream is just that. A dream! Here is North Carolina there have been a series of demonstrations by the people at the North Carolina legislature. During these demonstrations the people have carried signs and sang songs. Is it because of the occupation of the territory that they have been arrested for petitioning their congressmen and women, or were they arrested for creating a disturbance?  Isn’t that their jobs as citizens and allowed by the First Amendment to the Constitution for the united States of America? If the legislature votes to restrict the constitutional rights of the people that statute or  act is unlawful, and is invalid no matter how many votes are received. In the news lately was  man named Snowden who went to the newspaper, and shared information that the National Security Agency, a federal corporation was violating the forth amendment to the Constitution. They were  reading the internet mail of the people of the united States of America. This disclosure was made to the press and reported as such.

The occupying Federal Government Corporation has called for his arrest for violating a contract he had with the NSA by sharing this disclosure of a felony they committed. However failure to report the commission of
a crime that you know about or should know about is called Pre-treason to a felony and is punishable under I believe USC Title 15 of the Statutes of the Corporation for the United states of America. We the people of the united States of America are not members of the United States of America which is a corporation. We are members of the states of the nation. In the 1936 amendment to the “Trading with the Enemy Act” they added under the definitions a change to the definition of Enemy Combatant to include US Person. This made us all enemies of the Federal Corporation called the United States. Note: The Trading with the Enemy Act was passed during the First World War to allow the rich oligarchs like Prescott Bush to sell stuff to Germany after we entered the war without being charged with Treason. (You can read it at The Avalon Project online at Cornell University) Recently Mr Obama the president of the Corporation told an interviewer that the NSA did not monitor or keep records on “US PERSONS”. Did he lie? Probably. He claimed in another interview that the Department of Justice had researched and found that he was within his power and rights to kill US CITIZENS who were suspected of being an ENEMY COMBATANT. These special words are all legal definitions of the people of the Occupied territories of the united States of America. More important when you listen to a member of the Federal Government speak look at their surroundings. When he gave that interview Mr Obama was sitting in front of a Flag. That flag did not have a gold Trim. Thus he was not speaking as the President of the nation just as the President of the Corporation. Remember the eyes to see, and the ears to hear. In the 1860’s the 14th Amendment was shoved down the throats of the States, both with political power, and by actually having military soldiers standing by the desks of the legislators in state houses around the nation while they voted to ratify it. This document  created what had never been envisioned by our founders.

It created a Federal Citizen called a US Citizen. It also gave the power that belonged to the people, and their states, to the Federal Government. These US Citizens no longer had constitutional rights. Instead they have Federal benefits. This is their prison without bars. As long as the people deny they are in an occupied territory they can not raise a functional militia. They can only create a disturbance for the troops to put down. Where an American people have the right to the full power of the Constitution, and the bill of rights attached, US Citizens have only the benefits of a stable Federal society where they are protected from unruly undisciplined fellow US CITIZENS who create a disturbance. (See the lieber code at “The Avalon project at Cornell university”.) When we the people finally realize that a US CITIZEN is a slave position in the Federal Corporation, and that they have the power
under the constitution for the united States only as Americans, will we start to become free.

In our present indentured condition when the Federal Corporation of United States of America is finally financially broke their assets which is this land, and all of the US CITIZENS who have been pledged as collateral to the Foreclosure, will become the property of the Corporation holding the lien. We will become chattel to the lien holder. Will we be as obedient to the new Corporation/s as we have been to the old one? I sincerely hope not. It will be hard for Americans to begin to look through their own eyes, and hear through their own ears which is true and which is Psychological operations. To become free we will have to start asking for the printed version of all news, contracts, and stories so we can begin to check the facts. I was astounded when I discovered me and my children were described under USC Title VII as an animal under the definitions “as having an invertebrate like, but not limited to a human”. The nature of our problem is in the definitions. Till every American can stand on their own two feet
without a dole from the Federal Government we will continue to be tradeable, salable, and killable servants of the  Federal Corporations without question. When our local people who we elected to do our will become more interested in our will than that job like their’s at the Federal Level we will begin to separate the Federal Territories from our homes and lands. When we begin to teach our children right from wrong, and not legal from illegal, we will begin to establish the future of a free American homeland. If our kids know all about technology, but nothing about honor and truth they will continue to be ignorant. There will be repercussions for starting to think this way.
You and I will soon find that most of what currently supports our lives is a benefit, and when we stop doing the bows and curtsies they will stop sending the checks. The very water in the faucet is their water. The electricity that drives our 67” TV is their Electricity. The phone lines and the connections are their services. These are the benefits of being a slave US Citizen. We the people created, built, and delivered these, and more to our Corporate masters in return for a Disturbance free life with 200 channels of TV, and 7 bars of cellular service, and a new car with on board GPS.  Will we live long enough to see them disappear? I sure hope so.

There are millions of men and women with minds full of much better things than what  we have. We just have to break our bonds, run their JBTs out of our Counties, and set down across from our neighbors to get them started. We can be free! If we really want it!

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