Lone Ranger: Dr. Peter McCullough Interview

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1 year ago

thanks for sharing. two totally different people but on the same page. the content is heavy, obviously in the times we live in but I had a happy heart through this interview. It says a lot that two totally different people are on the same page, even the Austrian doctor? that came in at the end seemed to be amazed at the contrast but cohesion. The contrast of the doctor in his suit and tie and the musician with his colorful wall in the background, and he always had a smile. Maybe I needed that….
I had never heard of Joseph before. A couple of tunes I listened to after the interview are in line with music I enjoy. He was correct about vaccination concerts only. I heard on the radio while driving home from work about a foo fighters upcoming concert for vaccinated people only. VERY VERY disappointed in hearing that. I am/was a big Dave Grohl fan.
So, since I am making my first post here; I am just a 55 year old female and lots of what is posted here and other places I go to daily are for prepping which I try to do as best I can like most. Many sites I read like this have lots of military tactics which I have no experience in but I get good info from reading. Always learning.
My concern at this time is living near a Navy base, specifically in the path of the runway for the planes coming and going. with all the vetting going on and unstableness in general, is a person worse or better off living near a military base. I do understand that were we to be invaded that bases would be a target and I would be toast and seems like they are thinning the heard to make the military turn on the population in a domestic issue…thoughts would be appreciated.
thank you for all your efforts. quietly reading in the background.