Looking Forward

You cannot succeed in life without establishing goals. Achieving those goals builds character along with success. If your goals are of a higher nature, you may also have honor, respect and serenity. I have found that self-reflection when goals are attained are helpful in achieving the next set of goals. But what about reflecting on events in the future? Speculating about future events can (and probably will) detract from achieving goals or achieving them on schedule. Research along with the ability to adapt are not the same as speculation.

As an example, the Obama administration considered itself to be “scandal free“. Whether this is true or not, the answer is no. Does this impact you or your goals at this point in time?  Let’s look forward as this narrative is now collapsing. As the Inspector General report is released this week, it will be shown that the FBI acted inappropriately concerning the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s email server while she was the Secretary of State under the Obama administration. The investigation will show that Hillary was guilty of multiple crimes which cost American lives as the server’s classified information was hacked by foreign governments. The impact in the near future is that it will only serve to further lessen the low opinion of the FBI in the eye of the public. But this will not impact your goals.

The Obama administration:

  1. Has colluded with Russia by approving the Uranium One sale.
  2. Was guilty of treason by allowing Hillary to profit personally in exchange for national security.
  3. Had weaponized the EPA, IRS, DOJ, CIA, NIA and FBI against political enemies (the American people who work).
  4. Organized an illegal spy operation against Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.
  5. Was guilty of contempt of Congress by Eric Holder’s cover up of Fast and Furious.
  6. Interfered with an Israeli election.
  7. Colluded with the Muslim Brotherhood.
  8. Covered up the Benghazi attack and its illegal arms trade through Turkey to Syria.
  9. Funded Iranian terrorism with an Iranian treaty that bypassed the requirements set in the Constitution.
  10. Eroded the nation’s morality, economy, international standing and the rule of law.

So? How does this impact your goals? My first assumption may be faulty: you may not have any goals other than to collect a government check. I doubt any goals set by the average American will be impacted by the political theater in Washington, D.C. People are not tired of winning and President Trump’s accomplishments increase daily. Times are good and the future is looking “great”.

Looking forward?

  1. There is a Deep State.
  2. They have been exposed.
  3. They control the Department of Justice, FBI and intelligence agencies.
  4. Their control of a two-tiered justice system will not go quietly into the night.
  5. The US debt is $21 trillion and growing.
  6. Health care costs are crippling a significant number of families.
  7. Russian and Chinese hypersonic weapons are not being made for peace.
  8. Cyber terrorism is not being addressed even though its consequences may be more destructive than physical attacks.
  9. World banks and governments are hoarding gold based on the assumption that the dollar and Euro will collapse (within 10 months).
  10. The Islamic invasion of Europe will not end peacefully.

War is coming. Whether it is a civil war or a world war, the effects will be severe. My advice is simple: set your goals according to what your “family” will need to survive in the upcoming brave new world.

David DeGerolamo

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173 Viet Vet
173 Viet Vet
3 years ago

David -- -- Please allow me to point out that the correct abbreviation for the errant federal agency mentioned in your article is: “FBLie”