Machine of Lies

It’s all lies, all of it, everywhere one turns. The death of truth has never been so thoroughly defined as it is today. The government has always lied. The media has always told the side of the story it wanted to. Academia has always taught what it wanted to. Politicians have always manipulated the truth to get what they wanted. Cops lie, judges lie or accept the lies told by cops, sometimes defendants, sometimes prosecution attorneys. Some of this is to get something, or to guide something, sometimes, this has even worked to the people’s advantage. And yes, people lie, have always lied and our governments, media and academia are filled with people. The only thing truly missing is shame. 

Bill Clinton brought into the mainstream the idea of the shameless lie cheered on by a media determined to cover for him, ostensibly, because they were not big lies, or damaging to the people, but irrevocably damaging to the people’s trust. Clinton’s lies, minus shame, opened the door to every other politician. What was once a breathtaking moment on national television when Bill claimed “I did not have sex with that woman” and those behind the cameras winked at each other and nodded their acceptance of the way it needed to be done, is now commonplace. No one even cares, anymore. It has now been boiled down to a formula: Lie, wait for condemnation, double down. If there is no condemnation, the lie becomes the truth much sooner. Simple and devastating. 

They lie to make you wear a mask, they lie to keep you wearing the mask, because it’s simply a visual indication of one’s willingness to accept the lies told by government, or health officials, or whoever else the government tells you to trust. The national trust is something of a commodity today, those with it can abuse it to enrich themselves and when called on it, they double down, because the wealth is so much greater when they can lie and appeal to trust, accusing the accusers of something much worse than lies and self-enrichment or aggrandizement, they are selfish, or racist. The figures surrounding Covid were always lies, we knew they were lies and the stronger the lie became, the further up the line it was maintained, even Trump fell victim to occasionally wearing the mask. 

We are a nation being robbed and raped and told there is nothing that can be done, not secession, not civil war, not even protesting with a MAGA hat. Whatever the government is doing now, it has been encouraged to do, because there has not been sufficient pushback against it. Simple as that. The lies about the mask enabled the lies about the stolen election. The truth of the stolen election, having gotten out in some quarters, became racist or selfish. Why do only white people deserve to vote? Why shouldn’t the world population be able to vote in our elections? What are white people afraid of? 

It reminds me of 9/11 and the creation of the Department of Homeland Security. In essence, we didn’t let our enemies destroy America, we did that all by ourselves and for nothing more than a threat. Was 9/11 a lie? Why not? After watching the absolute destruction of the middle class over a stupid virus, what is the meaning of a lie or the truth? The saying (paraphrased) that a lie can travel halfway around the world, before truth puts its shoes on, did not come from this decade, it was a known truth (for what that’s worth) a long time ago. A lie is so easily accessible, it needs no root in reality, common sense, or visual confirmation, but the truth does. So, in a large part, truth is irrelevant. What is important, it seems, is to have a countering lie while the truth is getting its shoes on. 

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11 days ago

I would give you a fist full of “thumbs up” if I could. Thank you for this article. Now I hope the general public will open their eyes and mind to the facts you have pointed out. THANK YOU AGAIN!

9 days ago

TL is always right on. This one is even better than most.