Mark Levin: Obama’s Amnesty Mill

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On November 21, 2014 the Task Force on New Americans was formed.
Task Force began meeting until Jan – Feb 2015, when a series of three (3) listening sessions was conducted to gather information for the preparation of a report due to the president by March 2015.
During the three listening sessions, it was disclosed that representatives of the White House and all cabinet members as well as immigrant groups would share information to be included in the report.
Some of the information exchanged was:
  • Immigrants should be viewed as seedlings to be planted in fertile soil to grow.  The fertile soil was equated to the “receiving communities” which would be those communities the illegal aliens are now living in, but once out of the shadows, these communities become welcoming or receiving communities.
  • Others commented that these same communities would be viewed as “emergent immigrant communities
  • As a listener on the call, it was easy to logically see how these communities would welcome immigrants out of the shadows, but also, it could be construed that the host community members might well be relegated into the shadows.  In essence, the seedlings consume the host and what was once the original community is transformed.
  • One commenter cautioned against assuming these “New Americans” would want to assimilate. The primary interest was in navigation, not assimilation, and the navigation was through the system, focused on government benefits.
  • Another official commented that not all the New Americans would want work permits; rather many of the immigrant women wanted to be home with their children and not work, provided taxpayer benefits are secured for them and their children.
  • Another suggestion indicated that the Task Force consider these New Americans as refugees or asylum seekers, and as such considered for cash, medical, educational, and housing benefits.
  • This wave of New Americans will include many elderly and these older and unskilled immigrants need help to age successfully, i.e. getting into social security benefits as soon as possible.
  • In closing, there was a suggestion that another Executive Order declaring Thanksgiving be renamed Celebrate Immigrants Day.                                                                                                                
 Ted Hayes,, the founder of America’s Black Shield also listened to the three calls as well as Sue Payne from Rally for America.
Judicial Watch has begun an investigation into the Task Force on New Americans and additional information will be forthcoming from Del. Pat McDonough (
WCBM will post updates as we receive them on

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6 years ago

I am familiar with Ted Hayes, I hear with on WCBM with Payne on some Saturday nights..

but McDonough is a typical Republican who has always undercut the numbers
of illegals in the USA..
I remember him coming out in favor of the NDAA a couple years back..
He has also cut off calls from 2 friends of mine..