Mark Levin warns a march on Washington over WWII Veteran Memorial



Million Vet March on the Memorials 

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Fed Up
Fed Up
7 years ago

I believe that the current “president” and his crew are shutting down places and causing problems in order to force a issue. This crew of thieves is setting the stage for some one or a group of people to “resist” so they can go in and declare martial law. Then the crap will surly hit the fan and it will be just what the crew of thieves want and have been gearing up for. The personnel carriers and wannabes will dress in their black uniforms and begin the real agenda. Gun confiscation will be a top priority. Road blocks, home invasions, arrests, and the like will be common. Inner city looting will be a common sight and they will justify it by saying it’s the GOVERNMENT that caused it. More innocent people will die by the hand of black gangs in the streets. The FEMA camps will begin to fill up. Electricity will shut down. Food and public service will cease to flow. The Gov. checks will stop. The crew will have a hay day. Militias’ will form and it will become chaos. Stocks will drop and the dollar will become worthless on the world market. I believe all this is a plan, a hidden agenda.

Eric Dailey
Eric Dailey
7 years ago

Levin is a complete shill. He opposed the Birth Certificate issue from the beginning in spite of proof. He mocks “911 Truthers” and he hates the Tea Parties. Why would you ever listen to a corrupt liar.