Massive Internet Outage…Are you prepared to be on your own

What happens to Bitcoin if there is no Internet?

David DeGerolamo

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7 days ago

Only invest what you can afford to do without, completely!!
I have downsized my position in crypto… i don’t trust the computer power’s i now know for sure they have! Ever since election, i am seeing anything online vulnerable. Thanks for vid

6 days ago

The Dependency on the Internet for Every Form of Commerce (other than Barter) is the Real Vulnerability of the ‘beast system’ of government and the ((corporations))) that Own and Control it. A Widespread, Prolonged Shutdown (it would have to be Deliberate and Coordinated, due to the Redundant nature of the Network) would cause Far Too Much Chaos for the ‘government’ to ‘control’.
What would result from an Internet Shutdown lasting more than say, a Week? All ‘government’ Offices would be unable to Function. Taxes could not be collected. “Regulations” could not be Enforced. Criminals could not be Arrested (if they could even be Caught in the First Place) because all Administrative Functions of the po-Lice departments would be Stopped. As well as that most Urban/Suburban agencies use Radio/Data Systems that are Internet/Cell Dependant.
Commercially, any Business that relied on Credit Transactions would be unable to function- most Retail Business cannot even use a ‘Cash Register’ to do Cash Transactions. Internet Retail? Completely Shut Down. “Logistics” services like Trucking, Railroads, Power Distribution, Gas and Oil Pipelines? All Inoperable, due to the Deliberate switch away from “Manual Control” or Data Exchange by Persons Communicating with each other, and more importantly, Companies having Employees who Know how to Operate the Business without Computers.
Finally, without the Internet facilitating Retail Transactions of the (Bank-run) EBT Cards, Guess What, Chipmouts on a Nationwide Scale. After the “Nine Meals to Anarchy” happens, it would become Physically Impossible to “Recover” anything resembling an Orderly Society in Most of the Country, never mind in the “Blue Hives”.
IMO, the potential ‘Losses’ to government (Control) and Corporations’ ((((money))) would be so Vast as to lead them to do Anything to Prevent such a Scenario.

6 days ago

Not Massive Enough, imo.
But hell, I’m old, i can still dial a rotary phone, write with a pencil and Piss On Amazon at every chance i get(yeah, you know, the enemies wallet)

a follower
a follower
6 days ago

Are you prepared to be on your own?
No, Yah willing i am not ever alone! yet i am looking forward to a less ‘worldly’ earth.
we wait for a renewed shamayim and a renewed arets in which righteousness dwells.
Be grateful during the journey.