Matt Bracken: The Coming Civil War

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Shinmen Takezo
Shinmen Takezo
11 months ago


Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Mark Milley had ‘shouting match with Donald Trump to force him to back down over sending in troops to clear protesters from America’s cities

So there you have it.
A coup in the making.
The rot goes all the way to the top of the US Military.

Last time I was given an order, it was yes sir--how high?!
Now the 4-Star Fools are outright insubordinate to the commander in chief.

Since all these fools with stars on their shoulder have to be approved by congress for their rank (by political correctness, etc.) I suspect (actually know) that the rot and political correctness goes to the top of the pentagram. I heavily suspect that there was a not-so-veiled coup threat levied at President Trump a couple of weeks ago…. and the truth is coming out in the British press no less.

If you don’t know, the President has enormous freakin’ powers to deal with insurrection and insubordination with the ranks of the US military, and this cock-sucker is lucky he is not sitting in some Army stockade at this moment. Just look what happned to General McArthur when he defied President Truman during the Korean war--shit canned, that’s what.

I hope that someone on president Trump’s staff reads and comprehends these facts. The President can and should replace this fuk-stain at the earliest possible moment. With this 4-star fool and any other fool who attempts to walk-back a presidential directive and direct order.

President Trump should have relived him of command INSTANTLY, and then placed his second in command in charge--and if this fool did not comply, go to the next fool with a star on his shoulder and go on down to the level of colonel if need be. They should have been immediately placed under arrest by military police and restricted to quarters pending a military courts-marshal.

He can direct Federal Marshalls to arrest and detain any insubordinate individual in the military if need be. He can direct military police for the same reasons. Fuk--he can can call up the ‘Militia of the Several States’ officially to do the job if necessary.

For all you military worshiping, flag-wavers out there that think that these generals and admirals are heroes and deserve respect… here’s your wake up call.

It’s time to start removing these generals and admirals who have just become parasites on our backs.

Dr. Lon Schultz
Dr. Lon Schultz
11 months ago

The important question is why Trump hasent removed these insubernant slugs?

11 months ago

China just waiting for the US Military to break up. What happens when CA, WA, OR appeal to China for “help” and the US Military is stymied by political correctness and Traitorous Pantygone officers???

Shinmen Takezo
Shinmen Takezo
11 months ago
Reply to  GenEarly

Oh, please, enough with the Steve Quayle malarkey about China.

FYI--China is not going to step foot in North America. Period.
You may think California is one big sack of blue-commies, but not.

The majority of counties in California are solid red--more so than other so-called red states. California is controlled by just a few counties where there is massive population density--less than 20% of the land mass of Cali FYI.

You get past the San Gabriel Mountains in So-Cal, and it’s like being in Montana or South Dakota. In fact there are more conservatives in California than probably the entire state where you live.

Oregon has the same problem--Portland.
Washington, ditto--Seattle.
Illinois--ditto with Chi-congo
New York--ditto with NYC (17 mil there alone)
Colorado--ditto with Denver.
Nevada--ditto with Las Vegas (all the Mexican working at casinos)

If you don’t think this will happen to your state you are delusional--they/them are working on it right now.

The USA does need to be separated along the Propertarian model as shown in the videos of John Mark. The USA as it stands presently is just a dead man walking.

You are correct about the US military being filled with wonks and traitors… especially the Air Force, which should be disbanded and blended back into the US Army.

Shinmen Takezo
Shinmen Takezo
11 months ago

You got me on that one. True News did a broadcast on this a couple weeks ago and the talking head there (Rick Wiles) was shitting himself over the doom of the moment. I think his assessment was spot on--in that we’re fucked and it’s all over. Maybe someone here can post the link to this show that was the day after the general’s refused to obey Trump’s orders.

I am of the opinion that there was not so veiled threat to stage a coup against President Trump--either using direct action or use of the 25th Amendment (probably both). Anyways they backed President Trump down--when he should have went on the warpath and hosed these 4-star fuckers out of their cushy offices.