McCain and Graham Outline Support for Syrian Rebels and a No Fly Zone

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David Forward
7 years ago

Neocons like these two fools don’t care about either the cost of American blood (pilots shot down by Russian SAMs) or our depleted treasury. They only care about propping up a the rapidly declining American empire. Neoconservatives are as much a threat and enemy to our country as the foolhardy progressives are and deserve the same fate.

7 years ago

Nothing like sending your military to another pointless, unneeded, unjustified, conflict to get them out of the way so you can implement your final step in the hostile take over of the country. At this point the only hope any state has is to secede and prepare to defend itself against federal aggression. Lock down its borders and with unfaltering faith in the divine providence of God declare its independence. And when the next civil war is over rebuild the United States sticking to the bedrock principles of the Founders and dramatically reducing the size of the federal government.

7 years ago
Reply to  Bob

Agree 100%