Moccasin Creek Minutemen Meeting on the 2nd Amendment – Part 1

Joe Taylor – the Bible and the 2nd Amendment

Wake County Sheriff Donnie Harrison, Franklin County Sheriff Jerry Jones and Wayne County Sheriff Carey Winders give their opening comments concerning infringement of the 2nd Amendment

Wake County, NC sheriff Donnie Harrison

“We Got to Do What the Law Says”

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Moccasin Creek Minutemen Meeting on the 2nd Amendment – Part 2

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8 years ago

It does appear our Sheriffs need some education on Constitutional history and the intentions of the US founders to be able to respond to these questions. Do they even know that other states have passed laws declaring they will not enforce unconstitutional laws and will arrest federal employees attempting to do so? Do they understand the NC Constitution was invalidated when the Federal Government wrote it and forced the NC Government to accept it?

8 years ago

I’m sorry, but I watched the videos and saw a LOT of fence sitting. We need our sheriffs to STAND UP as patriots