Monkey Pox

Truth versus Fearporn.

Robert W Malone MD, MS

…The symptoms of monkeypox are somewhat similar to, but much milder than smallpox disease. The general clinical presentation of the disease caused by the West African monkey pox clade virus involves Influenza-like symptoms — fever, body aches, chills — together with swollen lymph nodes. A rash on the palm of the hand is often observed. In the latter stage of the disease, which may last for up to a month or more in some cases, may involve small lesions which develop a crust, and which can result in a small depigmented scar. There is no evidence of asymptomatic transmission…

…Monkeypox is a double stranded DNA virus, which means that due to the double stranded nature of DNA each of the two strands act as a “check” on the other during replication. As a consequence of this “error checking”, this and other DNA viruses mutate much more slowly than RNA viruses do. Over time, DNA virus genomes are relatively stable. This means that, unlike SARS-CoV-2 (COVID) or influenza, Monkeypox is unlikely to rapidly evolve to escape either naturally acquired or vaccine induced immunity…

…Key takeaway: this is not influenza or COVID – this virus mutates slowly, it is not highly infectious, naturally acquired immunity is potent and long lasting, and Orthopox vaccines are usually cross protective. The risk of immunologic escape is very, very low. And the spread of this virus can be readily stopped by simple, inexpensive classical public health measures. If it were otherwise, we would already have experienced a pandemic of Monkeypox decades ago…

…In my opinion, based on currently available information, Monkeypox is a virus and disease which is endemic in Africa, emerges sporadically after transmission into humans from animal hosts, and is typically spread by close human contact. It is readily controlled by classical public health measures. It does not have a high mortality rate. Unless there has been some genetic alteration, either through evolution or intentional genetic manipulation, it is not a significant biothreat, and has never been considered a high threat pathogen in the past.

So stop the fear mongering, misinformation and disinformation.

Please read the entire article here

The risk of this disease is lower by many degrees than even Covid-19 was, which had a very low risk. You are more likely to die from a lightning strike.

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1 month ago

H5N1 is the worry since Dr. Kawaoka made it able to jump the species barrier and made it more virulent.

1 month ago

Nope. Not fear porn. Monkeypox was wargamed last year by a Soros funded body.
In their report (published last November), they list the date of Monkeypox being released as May 15th, 2022 (How’s that for a coincidence!) If you want to know the timeline for what happens next, read page 12 of their report:

Simulation for Monkeypox was done last year.

1 month ago

Found this
Curious Coincidences: Monkeypox Edition

1) November 2014: Bill Gates funds Chimerix’s antiviral brincidofovir. The drug is initially tested as a treatment for Ebola. (

2) March 2021: A war game is conducted in which a terrorist group unleashes weaponized monkeypox at airports on May 15, 2022 (although it takes the world awhile to discover this origin). The original smallpox vaccine proves ineffective against it. Over 18 months, 3 billion are infected and 270 million die (9% mortality, consistent with the deadlier version of monkeypox and about 200 times deadlier than COVID). (

3) June 2021: Chimerix’s antiviral brincidofovir is approved by the FDA to treat the smallpox family of viruses under the brand name Tembexa. (

4) September 2021: The US government begins stockpiling another smallpox family antiviral drug, TPOXX, produced by a company called SIGA. ( Like COVID mRNA vaccines, TPOXX alters human DNA. (

5) November 2021: Bill Gates—who (along with Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum) was also involved in the Event 201 war games of October 2019 that played out exactly as COVID did—warns, ‘what if a bioterrorist brought smallpox to 10 airports?’. (

6) May 16, 2022: Tiny research company Chimerix announces it sold the rights to its smallpox antiviral Tembexa to Emergent BioSolutions, a larger firm with more experience in drug mass production. The deal gives Chimerix the right to royalties between 15 and 20% of gross sales if Emergent BioSolutions is able to sell more than 1.7 million treatments. ( The stock price is cut in half as soon as the markets open. Presumably, the market doesn’t believe that more than 1.7 million treatments can ever be sold for an eradicated illness.

7) May 18, 2022: Various Boston local news outlets report the first case of monkeypox in the US in 2022. ( Cases are also suspected in New York City. ( ) Simultaneous outbreaks occur in Canada, several European countries and Australia. ( ) It rapidly becomes the world’s largest monkeypox outbreak ever and the only one to spread over such a wide area with no direct link to African travel.

8) May 19, 2022 7:30 AM New York time: SIGA announces the FDA approved an intravenous version of TPOXX for those in emergency care. (

9) May 19, 2022 9:30 AM New York time: Markets open and shares of SIGA Technologies (SIGA), Emergent BioSolutions (EBS) and Chimerix (CMRX) explode higher.

10) May 19, 2022 11:09 AM New York time: Before lunch, the fact checkers publish articles saying any suggestion Bill Gates might be involved in the monkeypox outbreak is a crazy conspiracy theory. (

Aime Hart
Aime Hart
1 month ago

God knows their heart before they do…. remember the part about people who took the mark getting sores all over them?
We may be closer to understanding now.

CTR Wolfman
CTR Wolfman
1 month ago

I believe a 2nd lock down is approaching quickly. I had to stop at a local Home depo store (the local didn’t have what I needed). The last time I was there was 4 or 5 weeks ago. In-between my visits, the store installed even more “plexiglass” barriers in the check out lines. Think cattle chutes, but clear, for…..each……Point-Of-Sale……terminal. It wasn’t one chute lead you to 4 terminals, no, reverse “river” flow, big to smaller chutes.

The world system has been serving the Bablyonian goddess of Commerce since day one. Now that system is being handed over to the Bablyonian god of Medicine (Sorcery, think Snake).

And just W.H.O. is the “King Snake” of the scriptures?

And just W.H.O. takes over the world system before the return of the Lord Jesus?

Now it’s making sense, isn’t it?