Moral Monday Price Tag Grows – Now at $10 Billion

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As more information becomes available about the demands of the “Moral Monday” protestors, and their leaders in the state chapter of the NAACP, the price tag for their wish list grows exponentially.

Estimates now reach an eye-popping $10 billion to pay for the “people’s agenda.” That would mark a whopping 50 percent increase in the state budget. To fund the “Moral Monday” demands would cost every man, woman in child in North Carolina roughly an additional $1,000. That amounts to adding another $4,000 in taxes to the tax bill of each family of four.

As published yesterday, Civitas tallied a partial list of “Moral Monday” demands and arrived at an immediate budget impact of roughly $3 billion. The list was limited largely due to constraints in obtaining data.

Yesterday evening, however, Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger’s office released the draft of a budget amendment that included cost estimates for many of the protesters’ demands. The estimates were put together by legislative staff and as such offers insights previously unavailable to Civitas.  Berger’s office months ago sent a letter to state NAACP head William Barber asking for specific policy recommendations. After Barber responded, Berger asked General Assembly staff members to draft an amendment that would include many of the points addressed in Barber’s letter.

The amendment calculates about $7 billion in annual additional costs to taxpayers. The largest item is $6.8 billion to provide funding for health insurance for all North Carolinians, regardless of immigration status. Included in the 14-point “people’s agenda” laid out by the state NAACP are the demands for “health care for all,” and “NC must provide immigrants with health care.”


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Ashley Robbins
Ashley Robbins
8 years ago

I disagree that this group is a moral majority. I do agree that their short sight can only demand more & more money to waste. I do agree that things need correcting. I do agree that the NAACP needs to do something positive, rather than add to economic and racial problems. Our school systems are ranked 25th or so in the world. We need to learn from other countries how to change our schools. Children are afraid to go to school, because of bulling, gangs & intimidations from other children. A solution is for the NAACP to work with teachers to eliminate this behavior by mentoring these kids. There are retired individuals that would help if asked. Corporal punishment worked when I was in school & it should be in place to teach the kids accountability & what happens when they misbehave in school.
Let’s stop doing things that make people dependent on government social programs. Welfare & unemployment programs should require people to do community service before receiving payments. Free cell phones should be eliminated & replaced with land line phones, as they are for emergencies. I am not opposed to helping people that need help. I am opposed to throwing money at solutions to problems that will not work or will be wasted. I am against laws that are passed that have not even been read. I believe in doing things right the first time. I believe that Martin Luther King didn’t want the African Americans to be slaves of the U.S. Government as they are today. I believe that when he said “free at last,” he wanted all Americans to be free. I believe he would be ashamed at how much corruption and fraud there is today in all these social programs that have been implemented in his memory or name. I think he would be appalled at the way the “race card” is played by our President & Attorney General, I believe MLK wanted everyone to come together as Americans, His dream was not to try to divide people by race, economics, education or any other reason. I believe that we should follow JFK ‘s quote “You should not ask what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country”
Just ask yourself one question, ” why is this person doing, proposing or saying things that causes division in our country or state.?” You will quickly see the person that will personally gain from this division or not.
I am challenging everyone to look at what is going on in our country & state. What are the benefits going to be when we no longer can pay our national or state bills. I think for a group to come forward with so many demands that will cripple our state financially, that they are only interested in their self gain.