‘Moral Monday’ protests just the price of government

'Moral Monday' arrestOver the four weeks of “Moral Monday” protests at the North Carolina state legislative building this spring, 153 people have been arrested. Five others were arrested during a May Day protest.

The arrests have all started much the same way, with crowds bustling into the atrium between two giant sets of brass doors marking the entrance to the state House and Senate chambers. They sing, they chant, they hear testimony from some of those gathered. During that time, General Assembly Police Chief Jeff Weaver uses a bullhorn to warn the protesters that they are trespassing and in jeopardy of being arrested.

Organized by the NAACP, churches, union groups and liberal organizations, the “Moral Monday” protests are meant to push back against the policies of the Republican-controlled General Assembly. Those who have spoken during the near-weekly gatherings have cited topics including budget cuts to education, abortion access, immigrant rights, voting law changes and health care policy.

  • April 29: 17 Arrested
  • May 6: 30 Arrested
  • May 13: 49 Arrested
  • May 20: 57 Arrested


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