MoveOn Members Rally in North Carolina Today Over Cuts to Unemployment Benefits, Voter ID Bill, and Extreme Abortion Bill

Moral Monday


Today, led by North Carolina resident Shawn Trimble, MoveOn members gathered at North Carolina’s Capitol building to deliver a petition with more than 11,000 signature to members of the legislature and Governor McCrory asking them to reverse the recent cuts to unemployment benefits and education, and to stop trying to pass a dangerous voter ID bill that would disenfranchise voters. While delivering the petition, Trimble and other MoveOn members also asked Governor McCrory to live up to his campaign promises and veto the anti-choice legislation that is moving through the legislature. The petition reads:

We stand in solidarity with the thousands protesting on Moral Monday and demand that Governor Pat McCrory stop pushing aggressive and regressive politics in North Carolina.

Meanwhile, inside the Capitol, members of Planned Parenthood and other groups, including MoveOn, lined the gallery to protest the passage of an extreme abortion bill in North Carolina’s House. The bill would make it far more difficult for women to receive abortions in the state.


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