Multiple “Diffuse High-Energy Sources” Detected Moving in North Korea – Mobile Missiles with Nuke Warheads

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un (Photo: Twitter)

Multiple reports from US Military members in South Korea say US forces have detected “multiple, diffuse high-energy sources” on the move in North Korea.  Believed to be nukes mounted on mobile missile launchers, moving into several positions in North Korea.

Further, previously “missing” North Korea submarine was detected near Venezuela three days ago.  Not certain if equipped with sub-launched nuke.

Military members allegedly told to “prepare for Defcon 1 tomorrow.”

Military experts agree that in the event North Korea begins shelling the South Korean capital of Seoul, Americans will have less than 48 hours to get far away from major US cities before nukes fly.  The west coast of the US is particularly vulnerable to North Korean Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBM) as are Alaska and Hawaii.  But it is believed a North Korean strike would target the US mainland rather and Alaska or Hawaii.

Of course, all of this could still be a complete BLUFF on the part of North Korea, which somehow manages to ratchet-up the rhetoric more and more each time they throw a temper tantrum.  Whether an attack actually takes place remains to be seen.


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